Our Strategies

Our Consultancy typically contract with Asset Managers rather than direct clients. We design trading strategies, risk mitigation tactics and risk overlays. 


Via the 'trade copy approach' our aspirations are to provide exposure to the 'professional' market place to an everyday investor.





Our master portfolio will trade with a 'multi market, multi strategy' approach. Via a 'trade copying' approach, an investor portfolio will mimic our master portfolio exactly, per GBP under management. 


We will provide exposure to the FX market, Worldwide Equity markets, and the Commodity markets. In short, it's a very diversified approach.


Our portfolio will consist of multiple smaller trades which will build 3 to 4 market biases at any one time. For instance, we may be looking to sell equities, buy gold, sell GBP and buy USD.


Our trades are chosen via the systems we have designed, and is a 'technical trading' methodology.


Trade Copy Strategy
Multi Market
Current Strategies Available

We are predominantly but not exclusively trend followers meaning we will aim to capture and profit from market trends. Unlike many Asset Managers, we can also short sell markets, which in uncertain investment climates such as these can provide us with further opportunities.


Our aim is to build a portfolio that is diversified, robust, and delivers year on year.





Whether it's our Consultancy contracting for Asset Managers, the Asset Managers conversing with the clientele, or a 'trade copy approach'- one thing we can be quite certain about is that there will be periods where we are wrong.


We don't expect to profit every day/week/month or quarter, but year on year we are confident in delivering on our portfolio.


Markets in the main can be volatile, and despite having an extensive skillset our portfolio will also witness periods of volatility.


In fact, we trade in the 'derivatives arena' which means with 'leveraged trades' the potential to be volatile increases.


Our job will be to manage that volatility, and convert it into a profitable portfolio each and every year.




Just like our 'master account' you will have instant liquidity on your portfolio. We don't believe in 'lock in fee's' or 'lock in periods'. If at any occasion you need to withdraw some or all of your capital you are able to do so.



You can view each individual trade live on our app as it happens; on top of this you will also receive a daily statement. It is as transparent as an investment can be




We believe in our skillset and our fee schedule reflects this. We charge 30 after 10 meaning we don't take anything until you have yielded a 10% return. After this point we get 30% which is charged by the broker automatically. If you don't earn, we don't earn.




 Thank you for choosing our strategy we have designed to follow. The general market climate is an interesting one currently, and over the next 12 months we would expect an abundance of peaks, troughs, highs and lows- but when the dust settles- we would expect our 'master portfolio' to profit. 


We have designed this product with the client in mind. It's diversified, robust, multi market, multi strategy, it both buys and sells the market, its transparent, it's liquid, and it has a client friendly fee structure.

The Portfolio Consultancy: Making Investing

Simple, Transparent and Low Cost