What is Trade Copying?

Trade copying allows investors to align their own portfolio with a 'master portfolio' traded by another individual trader, or Asset Manager.


Every portfolio amendment the 'master portfolio' makes will result in the exact same amendment on the investors portfolio per GBP under management.


The individual trader or Asset Manager will have a live track record on their 'master portfolio' (their own capital is at risk) which can be verified by the 'Trade Copy Provider'.

It allows the individual investor to create a portfolio that provides the following benefits:

Complete Transparency

24/5 Liquidity

No Management Fees

No Lock In Periods

No Redemption Period

In a market climate where many 'fund managers' aim to 'lock' client capital into an investment, it's a refreshing alternative.

The Portfolio Consultancy aim to provide the following benefits, aligned with a strong strategy, that will benefit the clients investment portfolio.



How does Trade Copying 

Simple, Transparent and Efficient

Trade Copying is a simple, transparent and efficient way of operating your investment portfolio.


The process is simple:

  1. Open your own trading account with your preferred broker.

  2. Inform the broker of the copy strategy you would like to follow.

  3. Sit back and monitor your portfolio.


Trade copying is a method of investing that reduces management fees, lock in periods, lock in fees, and provides an investor with complete control over their own portfolio.


Isn't that how the investment world should be structured?


How does a Client Invest?

If you would like to follow a strategy designed by our Consultancy- we can look to work with your current broker (depending on their infrastructure and regulatory status) or you can allocate capital to a custodian with whom we are already aligned.


Once your account is funded, and the copy strategy is programmed onto your account (via the broker), your portfolio will then replicate the trades on our very own master portfolio.


When we place a trade on our portfolio, the broker will allocate the same trade to your portfolio.


When we close a trade, the broker will do likewise on your portfolio.


It is an automated system, designed with the investor at heart.


Isn't it time you considered taking control of your own portfolio, by copying strategies that are transparent, have zero management fees, and you can stop and start whenever you chose to do so?


The Portfolio Consultancy have developed this approach to enable individual investors access to professional strategies, without the costs and lock in periods typically associated with funds.

Current Strategies Available

Our Strategies

Our Consultancy typically contract with Asset Managers rather than direct clients. We design trading strategies, risk mitigation tactics and risk overlays. 


Via the 'trade copy approach' our aspirations are to provide exposure to the 'professional' market place to an everyday investor.



Our Team

Our Consultancy is built around 3 key individuals who create the 'Management Team', and are well supported by a small team of administrative and compliance support.


The Management team have a wealth of experience in the financial markets, and particularly the derivatives arena. 

Meet Our Team:


Kemp House

160 City Road



Tel: 0203 693 3805

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