How does a Client Invest?

If you would like to follow a strategy designed by our Consultancy- we can look to work with your current broker (depending on their infrastructure and regulatory status) or you can allocate capital to a custodian who we are already aligned with.


Once your account is funded, and the copy strategy is programmed onto your account (via the broker), your portfolio will then replicate the trades on our very own master portfolio.


When we place a trade on our portfolio, the broker will allocate the same trade to your portfolio.


When we close a trade, the broker will do likewise on your portfolio.


It is an automated system, designed with the investor at heart.


Isn't it time you considered taking control of your own portfolio, by copying strategies that are transparent, have zero management fees, and you can stop and start at any time of your choosing?


MSI Consultancy have developed this approach to enable individual investors access to professional strategies, without the costs and lock in periods typically associated with funds.